How to use the Restore In-App Purchases node properly?

Good day all,

The documentation for using the Restore In-App purchase here is old:…%20Controller.

The input now has a Consumable Product Flag which I assume is to list an array of my IAP Product Identifiers.

I’m having a hard time finding good documentation over how to take the information from the node and using it.

If I add a single Product Identifier and it comes back successful, is the success based on it being purchased, or that it was called successfully (that a connection to the store was made)?

If the latter, how do I take the information and compare it to see if it was purchased or not?

I’ve attached a picture to represent how I think it works? Am I on the right track or am I totally lost?

Thanks for the help, all. If I am missing some helpful documentation somewhere, I would love a link.

same problem here, I find it hard to believe that there is so little information about something so vital in the development of a videogame