How to use the layered blend per bone animation node?

Hello everyone !

I am using the animation system of UE4 and I want to make a mask between the top of the body and the bottom to apply distinct animation to each of them. I am trying to find a node to do this. I found Layered blend per bone. But the problem is that I don’t know how to use it : it only has one input pose pin and I can’t do anything in the details ! I tried right clicking in every line of the detail panel but there was nothing interesting.

Here are some screenshot :


So I am asking you how to use the layered blend per bone node ?

Thank you for answering me !

Do a right click onto it - “Add blend pin” Now you should be abel to use it :slight_smile: → here is a video which explains everything: (video 20 - but also watch the ones before that)