How to use the Flex SDK?

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I have already installed the unreal4, but now I want to integrate the fleX into the UE4. It seems that the code from the github includes the source code of the Ureal Engine? If so, does that mean I have to compile it myself again, though I have installed the UE4 already, rather than just add a library into the engine?
Besides, NVIDIA provides the download link. How could I get the SDK from NVIDIA, NVIDIA FleX | NVIDIA Developer , into use?

You will want to obtain the NVIDIA branch of UE4 with FLEX integrated and build that. Integrating FLEX by yourself is no easy feat, and there is no general walkthru on how to do it, nor is it worth doing so considering NVIDIA has already done it.

Here is the FleX branch that mentioned:

Don’t forget to check if your graphic card has at least 3.0 of CUDA compute capability, otherwise, it will not run.
Take a look at this table to check yours

Hello, the link doesn’t seem to be working, it displays a 404 error

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Hello , you have to link your epic account to your github account, otherwise you will not be allowed to get the download link.
Here is the guide:Unreal Engine on GitHub

You need to be logged in with a github account that is linked to your UE4 account otherwise u will get a 404 error