How to use the editor camera movement in play mode?

Hey there, to have a similar camera movement like the editor but in play mode you need to go to your game mode and on the Default Pawn Class you have to pick SpectatorPawn.

Hey, dude. I Hope you see this. I’m trying to do this but when I do, the functionality is not the same. I’m using an xbox controller. The sticks work fine, but I want the triggers to work up/down just like in the editor. Any ideas? I’m newer than a newb, just a writer/film maker who wants to explore environments in play mode so I can record.

From what i see in the source code, the default pawn moves up and down by pressing the left and right thumbstick buttons. If you are using blueprints i would say the quickest way to do what you want is to bind each trigger event to a Add Movement Input node that moves in world direction 0,0,1 for up and 0,0,-1 for down. You’ll probably need to multiply that with some scalar so the movement is faster.