How to use the "default" pin from Switch on int twice?

Hi! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a blueprint to toggle sprinting by double-tapping the run button. I have created timelines to make the walk/run/sprint animations blend smoothly.

The 0 pin and default pin (which serves as the release button) are plugged in the reverse pin from the WalkRunBlend node. This allows my character to blend smoothly from the run/walk/idle animations.

However, I cannot use the default pin twice, and I need it to plug it in the release node from the WalkSprint timeline to make my character blend smoothly between the run/walk/sprint/idle animations. How can I use the 0 and default pins on both timelines?

Use the “Sequence” node to “split” your Execution Wire.
It executes things sequentially, but in a more fancy way.