How to use the Component Tags?

I have been successful in using Actor Tags for actors that are placed in the world, but had no success with actors that are
spawned from my character as their own blueprints.

I would be fine with using Actor Tags, but I cannot set those up for actors that are spawned within the blueprints.
At least the menu option is not available for that. Is it possible to give them tags via blueprints in construction scrip for example? I tried
“Set Tags” node but didnt get it to work.

So, after that I tried to use Component Tags. I typed the Component Tags in the details menu of the BP I want to have tags, but “component has tag” never operates in other blueprints.
I have also tried casting the spawned blueprint and set it as the target to the “component has tag” but even that fails out? :o

Im so lost here, and I am trying something very basic, just the way I use Actor Tags for actors placed in the world where they work just fine.

Well, in my case the solution turned out to be rather simple…
I hadn`t checked the collision setting for “overlap events” for a crucial component, which resulted in not getting reaction to the tags ><.