How to use the Camera Manager

Been messing around in UE4, and I found something called the “Camera Manager”. So I made a blueprint that inherits it, changed the variables a bit, and set it in my player controller. However, it looks like the Camera Manager uses its own camera.

I thought that the Camera Manager is just settings that define how the character’s camera works, since a default player controller uses the base Camera Manager. When I use the Camera Manager I have made and set in my controller, it uses its own camera and is behind the view of the camera I already have placed in my character blueprint.

How exactly can I use this? Ultimately, I just want to have the camera manager I made use the camera that’s already on my player.

Still trying to figure it out. I’ve found out how to use the Camera Manager camera, but that’s all I know.

Hi, can you tell me how to use that camera??

The camera manager is owned by the player controller, the same way the player character/pawn is owned by the player controller. You have to set the camera manager with a blend node in the controller before it actually influences your camera.

Is “blend node” means “set view target with blend”?
or is there anything else I need to know?

No, that’s pretty much it.

I would only use the camera manager if you need a smart chase-cam that’s not attached to the player. Had a pretty neat one set up for a couch-coop game that overlooked the stage and tried to keep all players on screen.