How to use the animations with the new example character for mobile?

My question is probably pretty basic but I don’t know much about animation and skeletons. In 4.8 Epic released a new high definition example character. They also released a smaller version for mobile platforms on the Marketplace for free. But when I add the mobile version to a project, there is no animation coming with the mesh. I’m assuming I can use the same ones that with the high resolution mesh (they are probably using the same skeleton) but I don’t know how to do it. Can anynone help me do that? That would very much appreciated.

Ok, I fixed my issue by retargeting: Animation Retargeting in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation. Hope this helps other people.

Can you list specifically what you had to do? I tried to follow that article and I redid the bones but never could figure out how to get the animations working.

Sorry, I am really only a developer, I am hopelessly lost at all of the magical stuff :slight_smile:

Ah, nevermind, I didn’t realize I needed to follow the different skeleton retargetting :slight_smile:

What I did is that I followed the same skeleton retargeting… I assumed the skeleton of high res and mobile character must be the same… So I migrated the animations and animation blueprint from the example character to my project where I wanted to use the mobile character. Once there, I had to replace the skeleton provided with the high res character used by the animation by the mobile skeleton. So I started the process of deleting the high res skeleton that was migrated with the animations. When I had a message telling me it’s been used by the animation, I clicked on “Replace with” in the bottom left corner and selected the mobile skeleton. Then I could see that the character changed from the T position to the idle position of the animation. But the left shoulder looked unattached, the right hand was inside the arm, the toes were detached from the feet, etc. To fix it, I did the following in Persona:

Which fixed the animation. Hope this will help others. I’m a developer as well and it took me a little while to figure it out.