how to use Tegra Android Development Pack (4.0r1) and run with OpenGLES31 on Shiled Tablet(TegraK1)

I’ve installed TADP(4.0r1) to run with OpenGLES31 on ShiledTablet(TegraK1),
watching this mov(

#Ive tried in this order.

-DL UE4 source code.
-Excecuted SetUp.bat, GenerateProjectFiles.bat
-Opened UE4.sln with VS2013 Express
-Build “Development-Editor” “Win64”
-Changed Config/BaseEngine.ini ES2=false, ES31=true.
-Build “Development” “Win64”
-Build “Development” “Android”
-run Engine/Binaries/UE4Editor
-packaging “Android(DXT)” (cant find “Android ES31+AEP” at Android List) and get XXX-armv7-es31.apk files.
-run the apk and get the error
GlobalShader.cpp (line:391) “GlobalShaderCache-GLSL_310_ES_EXT.bin is missing”

I have some questions.

  1. Do I have to use Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition and VS2013 Proffesional?

  2. At Solution Platform , I cant select “Tegra-Android”(Just only “Android”). is it correct?

  3. In my Editor, I cant find “Android ES31+AEP” at packaging list. Ive failed building Editor?
    (but, Project Config - Platform-Android - Build - “Support OpenGL ES31 + AEP” is Checked(also ES2 is unchecked)).

  4. when installing TADP, I have to check android-19 (without Android-21), right?
    Thread: Updating to new versions of TADP

  5. >GlobalShader.cpp (line:391) “GlobalShaderCache-GLSL_310_ES_EXT.bin is missing”
    I cant find this bin file. How to make this file?

sorry for forget, UE4 version is 4.7.6.