How to use "team sense" in AI perception?


I have successfully implemented the sight and damage sense for the AI, but have no clue on how the team sense should be used.

The only pointer is given here. However, I encountered the same problem with the OP. Specifically, in my AI controller subclass, I added:

void AQLAIController::BroadcastTarget(AQLCharacter* Target)
    if (Target)
        float EventRange = 1000.0f;
        FAITeamStimulusEvent TeamStimulusEvent(this, // broadcaster
            Target, // enemy
            Target->GetActorLocation(), // last known location
            EventRange // event range
        UAIPerceptionSystem::OnEvent<FAITeamStimulusEvent, FAITeamStimulusEvent::FSenseClass>(GetWorld(), TeamStimulusEvent);

This broadcast event is not perceived by:

void AQLAIController::OnPerceptionUpdatedImpl(const TArray<AActor*>& UpdatedActors)

So what is the canonical usage of team sense? Thanks for any advice!