How to use splines to expedite level creation?

I have seen in the marketplace how some people have combined meshes with splines, so when you place, manipulate and extend splines, your meshes will deform with the spline. I wanted to utilize splines to create a custom system in placing a mesh a long splines. The mesh in particular is supposed to be like a canyon ridge (or wall) to imply that there was an earthquake and the ground is uneven and broken open.

I wanted to use a spline so I can basically extend the mesh in both the X and Y as much as I want. This also brings about the question of how do you resize the textures as well so the mesh does not looked stretched.

Is there a tutorial or documentation on how to set something like this up?

Something like this. There are several tutorials that go through how to make a spline mesh.

Just search “Ue4 spline mesh” to get the varoius tutorials :slight_smile: