How to use specular masks?

I need to make only certain parts of the texture reflective to a little degree. But the rest of the texture won’t be reflective at all.
How to achieve this?


Use roughness maps, where black is smooth and white is rough/dull.

In your material you can multiply a texture or color by another, just like you would in Photoshop. Or you can use a LERP node to use a mask to mix two different textures/colors

Sanvean, I am total rookie with ue4, could you explain what nodes will I need for that setup?

darthviper107, in the meantime I’ll look into how to use the LERP node.

Thanks both! :slight_smile:


Hey you should check out the Material Tutorial Series
Here is where we shows of how to use LERP.

There’s much info in the documents. Have you read those?

This is great!
I’ll have a look at both leads asap!
Thanks guys :slight_smile:
Got to say, you are a great bunch here!