How to use Soul city template ???

Hi i’m sorry i’m totaly new to unreal engine, i have purchased some book but i dont have it at this time, i would like to test Soul City template

So unreal engine say ‘add it to project’ so i’ve created a FPS project and added Soul city to it, i well saw the directory Soul City in item but i’ve nothing on the screen to edit or try, (same thing with a blank project) i cannot drag and drop the template to the view screen and i dont have saw any tips on the internet,

Other project from the library are well created and loaded and ran, but Soul city is the only one to be “added” to an existing project.

Hope some one can help me, i really would take a look,

thanks a lot.


You need to look for the map folder and open the level to see it in game.
Or you can use the assets to make your own level.

Thanks you so much KinDaKreator that work !!!

Kind regards,