How to use 'ShowDebug Bones' in the editor?

I would like to show the bones of Skeletal Meshes in the editor. I went to window>output log and entered ‘ShowDebug Bones’ in the text field that says “Enter Console Command”. I also tried adding an “Execute console command” node with “ShowDebug Bones” at initialization. Neither worked. Is “ShowDebug Bones” only for “Launch”, or can I use it in the editor when I press “Play” or “Simulate”?


Hi dwynne,

That command is used for when you are in Play-in-Editor mode or Standalone mode. When you are playing bring up the Command Console by hitting the tilda key ~. Then type ShowDebug Bones.

Thanks, TJ

Thanks! Is there any way to show bones when I am in Play-in-Editor mode, but not attached to the controls (f10)?

Unfortunately the debug bones feature is only available while you are possessing the character and not when you are ejected.

You can look at the bone setup in the Skeletal Mesh Editor by clicking on Show in the Perspective Viewport then Hierarchy and check Bones. It’s not debug mode but it allows you to manipulate them.

Hi I know this is a very old post, but in case anyone else needs to know, you can use the alternate fly camera mode (Rather than ejecting) and still see the bones.

Do this by pressing the ‘@’ key and then the ‘TAB’ key.


This doesn’t work for me.

‘@’ in editor opens “Modes” and TAB changes focus
‘@’ in gameplay does nothing and TAB does nothing

However, the apostrophe ’ and then TAB opens the GameplayDebugger and activates the debug camera. (I guess the key was changed from @ to ’ ?)

There is another way to see bones inside meshes. Go to game>open console> write “ShowFlag.Bones 1”


Hey all! 2024 now and this thread is super old, but you can view the bones of a skeletal mesh at editor time.

Show > Developer > Bones

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