How to use Sequencer for Simulation mode?

  • My pc not good so only sequencer can help me export video with best visual and frame rate. But i don’t know how to use sequencer with simulation mode. Anyone help me please.
  • How to export video with mp4 format instead of avi.

4.16 will be coming out fairly soon. I suggest upgrading to that as you can run Simulate and Sequencer will automatically bind tracks to the PIE world. That should allow you to scrub and see updates.

For mp4 format, you’ll need to run a separate conversion from the avi at the moment. We’ll look at other formats in the future.

Thank, I installed 4.16. But can’t find it. Can you give me a hint or tutorial about this ( I want to use physic for sequencer)

Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing. I thought you were talking about Simulate mode:

4.16 allows you to scrub in simulate mode.

Is there a way i can record video sequencer with physic enable like a ball failing by gravity

You can try the sequence recorder - that will record the animation into keyframes and then you can use that recorded level sequence to render out a movie.

wow that really weir, don’t need recorded level sequence. I just record the video, every thing in the map with simulation physic turn on, have the physic now. But all of them don’t move while edit in level sequence. That kinda hard to know where to put the camera for the best shot.