How to use seasons from SpeedTree

Trees exported from SpeedTree 8 look great in 4.19+, and the wind for the most part is awesome (I have, for some reason, not been able to get it working in grasses, so if anyone has any insight to that, I’d upvote your comment.)

However, I am trying to figure out how to import the seasonal variations I created in ST8; especially the fallen leaves.

Ultimately what I’d like to do is have a blueprint which changes the seasons of the trees (applying the same effects from ST8 which were imported) over time. That part I can figure out well enough, though any thoughts there are also welcome.

Ultimately, though, how do I import the seasonal variations (including fallen leaves) into UE4.19+ from ST8?

Hello, I’m one of SpeedTree’s artists! The seasonal timeline is not an animation of seasons that will be present on the tree. Instead, you’ll slide to the season/ color that you’d like and do an export to UE4. If you wanted to do a blueprint, you’d have to export out many version of the tree along the timeline and add your own animation. If you want the fallen leaves, make sure “show fallen leaves” is checked on.

For game grass, I’ve found the wind functions the best applied to a “hidden spine” with a “frond” setup. You will need to adjust the curves of the spine to get more movement possibly. We’d be happy to troubleshoot any problem if you need further assistance! Just send the file and request to

Is there a tutorial out there on how to do this?

We have a grass tutorial coming up soon but in the meantime: You can add the grass pieces by adding a branch generator & a frond. Head to properties>Skin>Spine only to make the branch not waste poly count. Run the wind wizard for grass and then adjust from there.