How to use Scenecapturecomponent2d to create dynamic Icons of dynamic actors (Tarkov icon updating)?

So I am stuck on how to achieve a “Tarkov like” gun icon updating system. From my understanding Tarkov “captures” their UI icons at runtime as you add and remove parts/attachments from the gun. In UE4 I know it is possible to create image files from scene capture component 2d but how do you keep from needing to save them to the hard drive?

How I would like the system to work.

  1. New Icon for gun needed (some change)
  • Gun sent to icon update actor using scene capture 2d
  • Icon Update system spawns a version of the gun with all of its parts/attachments and takes a picture
  • Picture gets set as the Weapons icon using a dynamic material
  1. Player loads into a map
  • All guns in inventory sent to Icon Update Actor via array
  • All guns in inventory get initial icons

So, is it possible to do this without saving a image file? If not how does Tarkov get around the issue of filling the customers computer up with image files?

Currently there is an asset on the Marketplace that seems to do this ( Dynamic Thumbnail Generator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace ), but it uses a separate scene and only takes static classes. I need to use dynamic class instances (for spawning all of the attachments), preferably in the same scene as the rest of the game.