How to Use Run Behavior Dynamic?


I recently discovered “RunBehaviorDynamic” which seems to let me change parts of a behavior tree by loading subtrees dynamically. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how to assign Gameplay Tags to nodes. When I try to assign a tag, the list is empty, and I’m not sure how to add tags.

Does anyone know how to use this function? There was not very much information on GameplayTags or this function.


Is there any documentation or does someone have any input on this? google doesn’t seem to be able to find any at least and I’m curious about this as well

I’d like to know too

There is plenty of documentation here and a great video by Matthew here. What is the real world problem you are trying to solve?

Updated link to the documentation page,

The Run Behavior Dynamic Task enables pushing subtrees on the execution stack. Subtree Asset can be assigned at runtime with the SetDynamicSubtree function on a Behavior Tree Component .

This is a way to inject a behavior tree asset into the trees execution, when the tree attempts to run the node.