How to use raycast on NDisplay?

As we know, we can launch multiple window with nDisplay, and each window has own camera just sync transform and recalculate camera projection matrix.
I wanna do raycast on each window (or say each camera) with their own Scene View.
But when i try to convert screen position(such like mouse position,but in my case , i used TUIO) to world space, i found what i just can only call ConvertScreenLocationToWorldSpace with PlayerController, even though i can get each camera by id, i don’t know engine will do what when player controller call ConvertScreenLocationToWorldSpace, but in Other engine just like Unity3d, we can do convert with Camera own, so is there any way to use ConvertScreenLocationToWorldSpace with Camera instead of PlayerController,or any another way to use raycast on nDisplay?

My English is not good, hope you can understand, thx!