How to use 'pre-made' blueprints

Incredibly NOOB question here…

  • I have purchased/downloaded a pre-made template (architectural template) and would like to implement the movement/controls blueprint into my own project. Can someone provide me a step by step solution on how to do this?

So far, I have:

  • opened the ‘architectural template’ and ‘migrated’ the blueprint towards my own project
    …what do I do beyond this to get it working?
    MASSIVE thanks in advance!

But what’s not working?

Answering my own question here just to close off the thread

  • for some reason I could only get it working correctly but opening the demo project, deleting everything inside, renaming level. Clearly there is something I am not setting up properly in the project settings when creating a new project and migrating the BPs. Oh well. it works for now.

I had also posted the bottom below:
I managed to get a number of things up and running. But right now biggest issue i am having is with teleportation in vr. This requires a navmesh to be created which is causing issues where it doesnt generate correctly,crashes unreal sometimes too. Im using a static mesh as a floor rather than a bsp so not sure if this is the reason but i have to delete/add the navmesh upon restarting the level - not every time, but near enough.
Currently i have my ‘camera/character’ floating approx 1ft off the ground so even when i put the vive controllers down, they still a good foot off the floor. Someone suggested to to move the player start trigger down into the ground as a common solution, but I believe the last time I tried this, it gave me a 'bad size" error.
Any suggestions would be brilliant! Thanks

Answers to these:

  • ‘bad size’ error can be ignored in VR from what I understand, since the center point should be right on the ground. Seeing this in the editor doesn’t actually affect anything in VR

  • the nav volume is still abit of a pain and sometimes requires saving unreal, exiting, restarting. I think it’s a bug rather than something I am doing wrong. However, this is a common occurance for me. Sometimes the nav bounds volume builds straight away and I can preview with the P key, other times nothing happens until I restart unreal and try again, or delete the nav volume and setup again etc. Abit hit and miss/trial and error. But one of those options usually get it up and running again.