How to use Point Wind?

I’ve got a Wind Directional Source actor in my level but I just realized that it’s a global effect and it’s causing my player’s clothing to move too. That’s fine when you’re outside but shouldn’t happen inside. I don’t want to toggle the wind actor off when I go inside, because there’s windows and I want you to see the trees (speed tree) still moving. Since there are only a few trees in the level, I thought I’d place a wind directional source actor beside them and set them to Point Wind and give it a radius. The problem is there’s no visual for the radius and it doesn’t seem to be working. I set the radius to 5000 and placed in up in the branches, but it’s not affecting the trees at all. Soon as I toggle the Point Wind flag, the wind stops working. Any ideas on how to do this properly? I couldn’t find any tutorials on the subject.

Never worked with a setup like this. The player’s clothing being affected cannot be toggled instead? As in, you’d designate trigger volumes controlling a boolean value on the entering / leaving entity?

So what’s the Point Wind flag and Raidus for if it doesn’t work? Epic just never finished coding it or something?

No clue. I was, kind of, asking you. What I meant is to have control in the affected entity. Is there a way to exclude the influence of the point wind for this particular character? And still keep the regular cloth simulation on, of course.

I might be adding to the confusion, to be honest. Sorry. I was merely trying to suggest an alternative approach in case the built-in functionality is not behaving as designed.