How to use Photon Server for multiplayer

First of all I need to say that i am new to UE and if my questions sound stupid please be patient.

I am trying to implement the multiplayer part of a game. I really don’t know anything very good about UE, but I know the basics. I also know the basics of networking(UDP, TCP, sockets etc). I know that you can implement multiplayer even with UE’s integrated replication system or even with a third party tool like Photon server.

I’ve tried to play around with replication system, I know how it works but I want to implement the multiplayer using Photon Server.

In order to start learning more i need to know how Photon Server it is designed in order to intergate it with UE. I have a simple exemple:

Suppose you have a simple UE project with 2 actors that have a health bar. When a key it’s pressed the actor’s health it’s decremented with 10 and the other aactor can see the cange. Doing this with UE’s replication system it’s pretty straightforward(you make a replicated variable and it’s pretty much done).

My question is how do you implement this in Photon Server whitout using replication system? it’s wrong if I try to eliminate replication system and use only Photon?
How does photon knows when the player pressed a key in order to decrement the health? Can you fire events to photon server from blueprints or how?

Thank you very much for reading and for your help!

Hi InsaneDude.

You would send the new health value with Client::opRaiseEvent().
Please see for an example on how to send values from one client to others through Photon.