How to use photo images in unreal 4?

sorry to make it confusing. basically i wanted to create my own light stage like this
and make a face or stuff animal in the unreal engine. i’ve seen people create wondrous things with the unreal engine.

Hi there, i’m new to unreal but i have some experience in c++, im in my second semester c++ programming class. I would like to know if any gethub projects have any sort of incorporation with game engines.

for example, i would like to make a sort of photo realistic movement with the unreal game engine in a white room and the source would be from a digital camera.
This is mainly so that i would understand how to use this engine for the sake of motion pictures like animation.

do you mean integrate with Kinnect or some similar device to control movement? there was something that someone made in UDK that used a webcam to look at head rotation of a user and would change the camera position in game as if where the user looked, the in game camera would look there. Somethign similar to that?

Github projects that use UE4: Search · ue4 · GitHub

Please edit this so it makes sense. Do you mean photo-realistic movie (like this), motion-capture where you capture the action of people on video and incorporate it into a game, or something like ?

Yeah, that’s a bit confusing. If you’re trying to make a photo-realistic movie you’ll be better off using an animation packeage like Maya or Blender. Game engines can be used for that but I think it’s usually by folks who don’t want to create the assets/animations. Otherwise there’s not a real benefit to using UE4 to make a film. It’s primarily fro creating games. If you’re asking how to get a photo into unreal then you simply apply it to the color channel of a material and then place that material on a piece of geometry like a plane or cube.

i understand that but there is this group called “light and magic” and they use a game engine. check out their interview and article

hey guys thanks for responding!

hey there, i wish to sort of use this game engine like valve has done with their source filmaker but do it in a way where i can play with the engine and code if i have to in C++ and figure out a simple way to have my own face in the game using images taken from high resolution photography. 90 mega-pixel medium format camera but start with a slr camera.

this is really awesome video on youtube. "Guerilla Filmmaking and the Modern Game " its about game making though

Thanks for clarifying your question. Short answer is, yes you can import images and setup a movie stage in the editor.

This tutorial covers most of what you need to do and you can use Geometry Brushes to create the stage in the editor.

thank you so much, its really a great beginning to where i’m trying to head towards. I’m really grateful for those links