How to use Phase's spells / abilities

So I’ve imported Paragon’s Phase into Unreal. Got her running around and interacting with stuff.

But how do I add her spell / weapon abilities. I’ve only created FPS games before and all of that end of things is pretty much done for you. Click the mouse and a projectile flies from the gun! Easy.

So I’m at a loss. The Phase animations are there for the abilities but I need to learn how to create a “firebolt” or whatever flying from her fingertips and hitting enemies. And, get it to occur when the player wants

I know is a lot but I cannot find anything in the Unreal documentation.

Please help. This is stopping the development of my first 3rd person game.]



Its complex to explain here but 3 hours from now (as of this writing), Epic Games will stream in about the ActionRPG project and it includes the CharacterAbilities that Epic used so much on their Paragon character’s abilities.