How to use parametrized animation sequences in a state in an animation blueprint?

Hello all,

I need a way for a spell attack animation that is tied to a state to be parametrized, because said animation will vary based on what the spell attack is.

Unfortunately I cannot figure out a way to do this. While I can easily drag and drop animation sequences into the state and tie them to the pose, I cannot do the exact same thing with a parameter of type animation sequence.

I am sharing an image to describe what I mean -

MP Firing Animation is the parametrized animation sequence.

So I can drag and drop animation sequences from the bottom right but can’t do the exact same thing with a parametrized sequence.

Also cannot find any “Play Animation Sequence” node in Blueprint. The only thing I get is “Random Sequence Player”.

You can use “Blend Multy” node. Remember that many nodes allow you to add more inputs than they have by default:


Unfortunately, that does not work. What I need is for MP Firing Animation to hook onto the Output Animation Pose.

Basically, instead of using “Play Tutorial_Idle”, I want to have something like “Play MP Firing Animation”(where MP Firing Animation is the name of the argument variable) and hook that into the Output Animation Pose.

Essentially, MP Firing Animation is a container for animation sequences like “Tutorial_Idle”. I want whatever anim sequence is stored in this container to be the input to the output animation pose.

Oh. My bad. It is simple. Drop Any animation on the grid, and expose it as Pin. Then Connect the pin to your variable.


But it has few potential issues, such as:

  • its not type safe, means, UE4 can’t verify if your Anim Sequence is for this skeleton
  • it can be broken if the sequence changed during play, cause UE4 has a lot of processes under the hood, such as caching, anim events etc

Just be careful with it.