How to use Paragon Weapons on other characters?

Hi, I retargeted every animations of other characters on Phase. Now, I want to be able to use their weapons. Swords were easy. I just took them from their models as a static mesh and reimported them to UE. But I don’t know how to use guns or bows, because they have bones.

To give an example, I want to use Sparrow’s bow on Phase but it has bones and stuff. If somebody could explain to me or show me a tutorial, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

You could try and just attach them to the character.

They are all built in and part of the characters. You won’t find any tutorial or info on it that’s decent. they were part of the game and nothing has been published on how they were setup. each weapon has it’s own setup. you can find Some animations in the character animations folders. For what’shisface with 2 guns and robot hands you have animations that equip them as well as different shooting and reloading stuff.

Thanks a lot for your answers. I guess i will try things and see what works best.