How to use one animation for different poses

Hey! I am working on a small fps project to learn more of UE, I had done a way earlier on how to setup a singular animation for multiple weapon poses. For example when the player is walking I use a singular animation and apply it to the weapons idle pose. I had done it by using the root to modify. But I don’t think thats the best approach and I also want to make like interaction animations where the left hand reaches out to grab something, instead of making that for each weapon for example M4A1_Interact I want to make one animation where the left arm reaches out.

I heard some stuff about additive animation but every try I had I failed miserably I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on how I could accomplish my goal to apply an animation to multiple different poses.

So at the final result, I could add a walk bob to a specific weapon pose. Or I could add a interaction animation where only some of the animation moves.

Thanks a lot, and I hope you understand if you need any clarification please let me know!

So for anyone wondering! Seems like the answer is additive. I had the right idea, just wasn’t sure on how to do it. But its pretty basic. Just had to learn additive animations.