How to use Nv's Flex~

How to use Nv’s Flex or gamework~,I already download and build.
I need help~~~~If there is a tutorial ,give me Thank you!!!

I need help~

I have "FlexProject/Documentation/index.html“,But I don’t understand.

I want this effect. Thank you.

You could probably find something by going throu the NVidia gameworks thread


I see one point one points, if there is no better way. For example, YouTube teaching video.

How to use Flex to make Water。。。

I don’t understand.

Have you looked around the NVidia forums/websites, They probably have something on how to use it.


I want to make one。。。。I downloaded the GalaxyMan2015 in github version(4.9.2)。
I don’t know how to use it。
I hope I can get a video tutorial.Or an engineering example。
I’m checking the NVidia forums/websites。
thank you

Have you looked at the papers linked here?

Have you compiled it?
If so: You would run the editor from there and then Flex should be avaliable for use.

Thank you for your reply, I have been compiled.
I just don’t know how to use it (Flex), I’m reading this article.

I don’t use Flex, So I can only give pointers at to where to look/do.

It does seam strange that nobody has any kind of tutorial on how to use it.

Have you tried asking in the gameworks thread?
I would assume somebody there would know something.


As I’ve already said, the starting point for learning FLEX in UE4 is

This should help get an understanding of how to setup a FLEX container/component and what the different options do. From there, my branch is just extensions to the FLEX component. And its easiest to just mess around with the extra options once you have a decent understanding.

The Document is in the FlexProject–Documentation 你应该下载过Flex的引擎了,那你就找这个位置里就有使用文档了。