How to use .net libraries like System, System.IO and others in C++

I need to include some Dynamic Libraries in my project, including the .net framework libraries, but I have not found anyway to link it. I tried to active the clr (Common Language Runtime) to use the namespaces: System and System.IO, and I used the sentence “using namespace System” but It is not recognized for the project.

If somebody have found anyway to link external libraries besides the Unreal documentation way, I will thank this help :smiley: :slight_smile:

You’ll only be able to run on Windows then, it will break the cross platform ability.

Yeah, your game will run only on Windows;
And you’ll have to do a LOT of marshalling to get/send data back and forth into UE4.

Strings for example, you’ll have to build a wrapper .lib which takes the CLR stuff ( like System.String^ ) converting it back to char* or wchar_t* then send to UE4 and resize it with UTF8_TO_TCHAR() before Unreal recognises the data you got from the .NET System namespace or else bits will be lost in the data conversion process; it’s a lot of pointless extra work.

Oh and the wrapper .lib must be loaded by a new module of “Type: External” in its Build.cs file.
You can also directly import functions from .DLL libraries as well when you set Type: External for a Module.

Hi guys. So how would you go about it not to lose the cross platform ability…
[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] is the solution to “directly import functions from .DLL libraries” like you said?

You either don’t use it or use Mono.NET