How to use NavMeshBoundsVolume as spline?

Hi, i have a terrain with some roads, paths and mountains, what i want is to limit the AI movement locations, as this picture i have this big path, but i want the AI only be able to go in the middle of the path except all the place, i know scaling the NMBV(nav mesh bounds volume) will fix the problem, but the road goes round & there are other areas so i can’t do that, what will really makes it easy for me is rotating, scaling and spreading the NMBV as a spline, i messed around some stuff in UE4 but didn’t find any way to do it, is it possible? or how can i disable movements in these locations that i dont want the AI to go from?

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Have you found a way to do it ?
I would like to use navmesh bound volumes as spline to