How to use NavMesh for Paper2D?

I’m making a 2.5D game with the environment being 2.5D and the characters and props being 2D for the mere fact that I’m not very experienced in 3D modeling.

That being said, I’m attempting to blueprint a sprite to follow a navmesh. I’d like to support jumping, player chasing, and bounding(running back to patrol area). At the time being though I’m having issues with just patrolling between two points.

I haven’t made any progress worth showing. Is there another, better way to go about this?

In theory you can just follow any normal 3D navmesh tutorials and it should all work. Nothing will care that your characters/enemies are rendered via flipbooks instead of meshes.

I attempted to follow a tutorial where the person was able to right-click and choose ‘reference x’ from the event graph menu. More specifically he was able to reference his enemy pawn and the targetpoints to patrol.

Neither of those came up for me. Didn’t make it very far in the tutorial.

What tutorial and/or what did they right click? I’ve never heard of a reference x… You’ll still have an enemy pawn, it will just have a flipbook inside instead of a skeletal mesh.

What time did you get stuck at? I didn’t see anything in the video that should have been a problem, but I didn’t see any reference X either…

At 1:29 he right clicks and references his actor.

Ah that has nothing to do with Paper2D. That is just because you didn’t have the character selected in the viewport before bringing up the level blueprint.

Well that’s really confusing. Would I have to select all three objects to reference them? That seems a little silly but maybe there’s a reason.

It is indeed not very intuitive/discoverable functionality and tripped me up the first time back when I started. I pretty much never use level blueprints.

How do you point to actors outside of the level blueprint? Wouldn’t I need a unique blueprint for each path or group of ‘monsters’ (pawns?) so that they don’t all follow the same path? Or is it all done within the level blueprint with good organizational skills?

Ultimately the below procedure is what I would like to follow. I have intentions of spawning monsters in packs so setting up individual paths just sounds horrible.

  1. What seems logical to me is set their spawn location to a variable, so that I can refer back to it later to check distance from spawn.

  2. Once spawned patrol a small area. If while patrolling player happens to be in range then chase player.

  3. If chasing too far from original spawn point then run back to spawn, or run off screen and respawn.