How to use navigation filters in Player Controller

(warning : I’m pretty new with ue4 so maybe I’m seeing the problem from the wrong perspective)

I’m trying to create a simulation to show how the AI develloped by my company works.

The idea is I have a few controls to give pawns or group of missions (press “p” to send the enemy on patrol, press “m” while pointing a place on the map for the allies to go to).

Now I’m trying to implement a tactical approach of movement : when activated, the allies must privilege moving in the pink zones where they’ll walk at a slower pace, stop before changing to a green zone for every allies of the group to be stopped behind them, then runnig to the next pink area on their path.

However this behaviour have to be activated manually and not be the default for the pawns.

What I did for now is create a BP “SafeZone” which create the pink zones with a collision box. I have also created a Navigation Query Filter to reduce the cost of the pink area when used. I’m using a Player Controller since I need to control the pawns and I don’t find a way to trigger the navigation query in realtime which does not require to be in an AI Controller, is there a way to do so ?

Any other advice about what I’m trying to do there is also welcome :slight_smile: