How to use multiple trigger boxes interacted at random to trigger a sequence

Hey, I want to make a game where the player has to go to 3 separate locations that trigger dialogue, though on completion of activating all, these trigger boxes I want the level to play a sequencer. However, I want the player to be able to complete these objectives in any order, just all 3 must be triggered to finish the game.

You should have 3 boolean variables in the level BP, one for each trigger box and they start out as false. Trigger boxes should all be referenced in the level BP and each time one is overlapped, change the boolean for that trigger box to true and then check using a simple branch node with an AND boolean (this will allow you to put 3 pins together and only be true when all 3 inputs are true). Off the true pin of the branch trigger your “end game” screen. Off the false do nothing. This way the player can switch these booleans to true in any order but the game will only be complete when all 3 are true at the same time.

could I get a visual example with that

don’t worry I figured it out thank you so much