How to use multiple processors for compiling?

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I’m trying to figure out how to set up multiple processors for compiling, in an attempt to speed up the iterations. I followed the instructions in this link but as I’m using the source version of the engine downloaded from GitHub I couldn’t find the specific configuration files e.g. BuildConfiguration.xml in the location reported, nor do I have a Unreal Engine folder in my documents. I did find the file above and added the code instructed but the compiling times haven’t change so I can only assume it didn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems that the BuildConfiguration.xml file is generated as part of the setup process in the case of using a custom engine, after which the file should appear in this directory: UnrealEngine\Engine\Saved\UnrealBuildTool which differs from the stated directory in the wiki post. This must have changed at some point after it’s publication.

When it says to copy the file to Documents, you will need to create the folder structure mentioned if it does not already exist and you wish to use it: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Unreal Engine\UnrealBuildTool

The Build Configuration Properties documentation page states that both of these paths are valid for UnrealBuildTool to read from. I presume it will read from User\Documents first if BuildConfiguration.xml is found there.

The file will be pretty much empty. The wiki page says to change the ProcessorCountMultiplier value, but now it does not exist so you’ll need to add it inside of <BuildConfiguration> under <Configuration>, like so:

<Configuration xmlns="">

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