How to use multiple animations on character

I’m not really sure how to word this, but basically I have a character that has idle, walk and run animations blended on a up and down timeline, how do I make it so he can have a blended attack and roar animation? the blend line only goes up and down I cant figure out how to do anything else.

blendspace is suited for parametric blending for similar animations, for idle-walk-run cycle like you said. then actual anim graph is build with animation blueprint where you make your custom animation logic, e.g. blending blendspace with parameter, slots(lets say you want play walk anim on lower body and attack on upper body), and much more. the approach to this is same as blueprints (but it also has state machine which makes easier handling of transition between states like jump/move/idle), you make some functions and variables, update them, make some choices based on them in that graph, then resulting animation played on your mesh.

In your animation blueprints you will utilize MULTIPLE Animations, Animation States, Blendspaces, and Montages. Putting them all together is the fun part.

I highly suggest watching this video as a decent primer for UE4 Animation

It may be a bit dated, but most of it is valid and where I learned my initial bits about UE4 animation.

Alright guys
I got similar Problem and people keep linking me this same video which isnt helping me at all.

What i want to do is make my character Punch, Which i have done.
When my character punches it then slides along floor. So I made Upper Body Slot,
I then put The punching Montages in the upper body slot, This works fine But spinning punch is not spinning
as i set to spine1, If i set to hips it spins But same problem as before it slides when you walk.

Now my problem is this.
I got Kicking Keybound on another Button. So when you punch punch punch it adds combo resets back to Combo 0
When you kick it does same But My montages are not playing when he kicks.
I tried setting kicks to Defualt then i tried adding Lower Body slot

I might be doing this wrong as there are options in Blend per bone But i need to know where to start looking in order to fix this.

Street fighter, Devil May Cry Mortal Kombat all made in Unreal engine so i guess its doable of course.

My game is a hack and slash similar to DMC and you can swipe with weapon, kick, punch etc…
Use Move combo in order to Perform a special Move (yea got little bit of SF In it)
So as most of you know its all Montage based for this type of game.

Please can someone help me get started for solving this problem or can you show me other links