How to use Mouse to Move Solar Time in the ArchViz Template?

I’m trying to create a function in the Archviz’s SunSky BP,
so that I can hold middle button to trigger the event,
and then use Mouse Y-Axis to increase or decrease the Solar Time float.

I referenced Azulechaos’s Move Camera method to create the function,
but it didn’t work.

Please help me figuring out what’s went wrong,
or is there any other way that I can change the solar position in game?


it didn’t work

Could you clarify what does not work? Is the math incorrect? Or perhaps it’s a matter of enabling input:

Regular actors do not process it by default.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply,

I’ve changed the Auto Receive Input from [Disabled] to [Player 0] as you indicated and now it works!

Thank you for saving my day!

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