How to use Modulation to Mix?


so I have this setup:

I am new to this and still learning. Creating forum post because some stuff should not be lost in Discord and should be found by Google for others.

I am wondering how I can set the value of the VolumeControlBus…

This way it does not work. The PrintString outputs the correct value but it seems like the Volume Control Bus is ignored by the SoundControlBusMix and everything else. I also tried using “UpdateModulator” nodes on all the assets to no avail.

**Only **if I connect the “set default value” the volume changes, but I can hardly imagine this being the right workflow.

@dan.reynolds if you could chime in on this, I’d highly appreciate. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I would appreciate any input. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Dan was very kind to create this video.

Like he says - this won’t work after 4.26, but someone still might find this helpful.