How to use Matinee to make something to move in a perfect circle?

Hi, I’'ve been playing around with Matinee these past few days, and I couldn’t find a way to do something like the attachment.

In the picture, I’m moving the sphere from the position A to the position B to create a movement animation, but what I’m really after is for it to move following the curve, that is actually a quarter of a circle.

In other words, I’m looking for a way to move things in a circular fashion, and maybe if Matinee can interpolate the movement like that, would be great.

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I haven’t messed around too much in matinee but try adding in a third point in the middle of A and B where you want it to be. Maybe it will create an automatic smooth transition.

When you have a key frame set for A and one for B place another key frame (let’s call it A1) in between the 2 main keys but set the object off to the side a bit and you will see the trail curve. So when you hit play your object will move from A to A1 then B. BUT if the trail does not curve (if it shows a sharp turn) when placing A1 you will need to place key frames between A&A1 and between A1&B to create the curve you want. Make sense? Hope I didn’t confuse you.