How to use LOD 1 or 2 in game permanently

I am developing a mobile game in which I have high poly assets with multiple LODs. I was wondering is there a way to permanently use LOD 1 or 2 to make sure I can render it. I’ve tried somethings but I think it keeps rendering the LOD base at the same time.

Hi Jakedubs,

The setting you are looking for is under “LOD Settings” under your last LOD. The setting is called “Minimum LOD.” If you were to set it to 1, then LOD 1 would basically be your LOD 0 and LOD 2 would basically be your LOD 1. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much. Hopefully this will work, I kept thinking it was in the details panel for some reason.

No problem :slight_smile: Good luck

I got to thinking about it a few minutes ago, and I just wanted to add that there is also a similar function that does the same thing for landscape. If you are interested, when you select the landscape it is in the details panel.