How to use Live Editor nodes ? - need help

Hi. I am working on a music game, somehow similar to Synthesia

I have connected my Midi Keyboard to the PC via my Midi interface, enabled the Plugin, then after restart, configured my controller under Window>Developer tools>Live Editor. The button Select Blueprint does not seem to work.

I don’t know how to link Blueprint nodes, in order for the game to register a certain key pressed on the keyboard, let’s say the key for C1 Note.

Also, does Live Editor get information about how hard you press a key ?

There is no documentation for this , and I need help. I know some people made it work, so I guess it is possible.
Could you help me please ?

Live editor hasn’t worked since about 4.3. Use the OSC plugin by monsieurgustav.

Does OSC plugin receive midi input from my keyboard ?

Osc is essentially midi v2. Search online for open sound control. There are apps which can forward midi data to osc and vice versa. It’ll do what you need to do.

Could you give an example of a free app that I could bundle in my game ? I am no programmer, working on Windows.

Go to who make the excellent TouchOSC and there they have a free bit of software called TouchOSC Bridge which should do what you need. I don’t know about the legality of bundling it with your app though. I’ve never used this software as I don’t use midi so let me know how you get on .

Based on their description, it seems that TouchOSC bridge is designed to work only with TouchOSC, which is a paid app.
Another app that I found, MidiOSC, is availble just in source code, and I don’t know how to build it. Also, its license is GPL V2, so bundling it with the game might be tricky.

I have heard that Unreal Engine 4 includes by default the Portmidi library. It would be nice to find someone that could expose some functionality to blueprints.

Found a way to generate an exe from a Python script, but this app has more of them, and I don’t know how to compile it…