How to use levels/maps from the marketplace?

Hello guys - im all new to unreal and trying to figure it all out :slight_smile: I bought this landscape on the marketplace and created a new 3rd person template project. I then imported the content from the marketplace.

The only way i can open the level is too doubleclick it - which works fine ! If i hit the play button a character will appear and i can run around… However this character is not in the world outliner ? So how can i edit him ? If i just drag the thirdpersonBP in my scene i can then control the new one - but a static mesh will appear from my playerstart node. Even if i delete it.

Am i doing something wrong here ? Is there a way just to import the level/map directly into 3rd person template ? Or how do i go about this

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Do you want know how to edit the default character?

I’m not sure if I entirely understand your problem but the way i see it you’re confused with the level and the template. The moment you open that map that is your level. The only way to change it into a 3rd person template is to import a player character (like the default one) into the scene and play it in that mode.

You can find the player character in your content browser btw.

Again, what I just uttered maybe nonsense but is the best i can say based on what I think your problem is.

Okay let me try to explain :smiley: If i create a blank template and open the map, then when i press play i can fly around with a camera - which is guess makes sense. If i create a thirdperson template and then open the map and press play - it will spawn me a character from the playerstart node so that i can run around in 3rd person with my char ! Which is what i want ! However if i do it this way my character is not shown in the outliner - so i cannot make adjustments to him. If i then find the thirdperson character and plot him into my scene and then press play - i can now control the new one just fine - but another static character will spawn on my playerstart node even if i delete that note.

Essentially what i want is too open my map/level - and somehow import the standard thirdperson character so it appears in my outliner.

I have this snow particle system which i want to parent to my character so it follows him around.

world settings>game mode override> set all to default. then in the char blueprint you placed in the world make sure that auto posses player 0 is set