How to use Leap Motion Demo Pack?

So i already installed UE4 from source, the leap motion plugin is working, i am trying to use the assets from the demo pack found here

I cannot get this to work. whenever i try to import them it just keeps going into the folders and says that theyre empty(which they are not). whenever i try to just move them to the content folder in the project root, i get two folders which do not have the assets in them. whenever i try to just drag them into the content browser, the window just fills up with errors that it couldnt import them. What am i doing wrong? how do i get these assets to work in unreal

  1. extract the zip file
  2. move all the included folders into your documents/unreal project folder
  3. now open one of them and do a double click on the uproject file to open the project

When you want to have special assets in your own project -> :slight_smile: