How to use landscape splines with world composition?

Hi, i’m using landscape splines for roads ands rivers but I don’t understand how to use them in a tiled world using world composition. It seams I can’t place them while using the persistant level as current level. If I select one tile and make it as current level, I can place one spline on this tile but then what? How do I make a road or river to run across multiple tiles? If the player is far and this tile is culled, then my road/river disappear.

Nobody know how to use landscape spline on a tiled landscape !?

Is this forum dead?

Hi, I’m afraid your question is too vague.
What problems are you having when trying to use landscape spline in a world composition scene ?

You have tried?
Paul G

As explained in my first post, my problem is that it look like landscape spline can only be added on a sublevel, not in the persistent level.
If I need to make a road crossing many sublevels, I have to select one sublevel as “current level”, then draw the spline.
The problem is that with world composition, sublevels are loaded depending of a streaming distance value.
It means that if the player is walking on this road, but far from the parent sublevel of this spline, then the road disappear because this sublevel is unloaded.

If I create one spline per sublevel, then it look like I can’t connect them because they need to be in the same level.

I have just tried in my world, made from several tiles using world composition.
With the persistent level selected and two of the tiles loaded I can draw a landscape spline across the join and raise lower terrain as expected.

Do you have the levels (edit TILES) loaded ? ( right click on tiles shown top left on my images and select load)

Paul G

PS you can select all tiles at once rightclick and select load (persistant is still current). and you can draw Landscape splines right across your entire world.

Hi. This is exactly what I try but when the persistent level is the current level, Ctrl+LMB does nothing
I have to select one tile and set it as current level.
Can you please show me the actors you have in your world outliner when only the persistant level is loaded?

I didn’t use the “import tiled landscape” tool (so my tiles don’t have this naming) but added the tiles manualy with the “add adjacent landscape level” option so maybe I messed something so maybe I need one specific actor is in one of my sublevel and need to be in the persistant one.

Thx for your help

EDIT : I try to import a tiled Worldmachine landscape in a new project and the problem is still here : I can’t create a landscape spline while the persistant level is the current level. It works only when one tile is the current level.
Are you sure that your persistant level is the current level (in blue in the level list)?

Please note there is a difference between, having a tile set as current and having it loaded.
Your persistent level must be current, but any Tiles you want to place a landscape spline across must be LOADED… NOT CURRENT

So starting at the begining
When you start in editor The persistent level is current and no tiles are loaded.
You should not be seeing any terrain at all (you will see any assets that are placed in the persistent level )
If you see any terrain at this stage it is set up wrong.

If no terrain is visible all good
In the levels menu underneath the persistent level is a list of your tiles (greyed out)
select a Tile and then Right Click it
Select the load option… Do NOT select make current
you should now see the terrain for that tile in the world.

Now go to Modes Panel
Select Terrain Editor Icon
Select Manage
In the Drop down select Edit splines

Now use CNTRL + LMB to draw a spline

Let me know… Also do you have materials on layers applied yet, that may be stopping you


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I made a video to show you.
As you can see, the problem only happen when the persistent level is set as the current level.

Hi Only thing I noticed in your vid was that the save Icon for Persistent level is showing red ( In levels )

Here are some screenshots of the various panels

Here is content browser showing that each tile has a Map build registry

I have the same settings.
It look like the red cross thing is just a visual bug What is this cross icon in levels list? - Pipeline & Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums
The map buid registry is lightmap info, you don’t have them if you work with full dynamic lighting.
Can I ask what’s your engine version? Built from sources or downloaded with the launcher?

Hi Sorrry was away acouple of days,
My project is on 4.19 and is stock but with a load of plugins (none related to world comp)
As shown it does work as you wish (and always has on all my projects)
Not a lot of help I know


I’m working with 4.21 version. I’m downloading 4.19 to check. Maybe something has changed.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Give me a shout if you wish to compare anything


Ok so something is wrong with newer version because it works fine on 4.19
I sent a bug report and wait for an answer.

Hiya, well in a way that is good news,
At least you could do the landscaping in 4:19 and then port the project to 4.21 (if you had to)

Just shows that not many use it as no other reports over the 3 months that latest version been out.

Glad I haven’t shifted up , (there are physics probs with 4.21 too)

All the best


Thanks for your help.
As it doesn’t happen on the same project opened with 4.19, now I know it’s a bug (or a design change needing explanations) and not something that I just don’t understand.
I hope to get info soon :slight_smile:

I still have the same problem with 4.24 ,is there any way that I can get fix that?

Seems to be no documentation on this at all even though splines and World Composition have been in Unreal Engine for more than a few years now.
I can’t get this working. If I extend a road spline over more then one landscape in world composition, it extends my level bounds which then throws off World composition if I add more landscape tiles.
It seems to split the spline components onto each landscape because if I move the landscape in the minimap, the road splines move with it, but only the road segments that are sitting on that landscape move, the rest of the road mesh (without the splines) stays attached to the other landscape that wasn’t moved.

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