How To Use Interface Usage On One BP To Activate Another?

My problem is more easily explained if I describe what I’m trying to do in gameplay: I want to make it so that when the player in my first-person game looks at a switch in the world and activates it through an input, a nearby gate is made to open.

More technically, in my first-person character BP I have scripted functionality for a Line Trace By Channel to be performed upon use of the assigned input executable, and have implemented a Blueprint Interface whose focus is to use a message in that BP to be passed on to other BPs detected by that Line Trace and activate their scripts; this works fine, have tested it. To put it another way, the intention is simply to have one “Interaction” input that is used to activate multiple actors in the world and cause some effect, using an Interface to route the command from the one input to all the separate BPs intended to be affected.

My problem with the issue I mention at the top is that the actor intended to be targeted isn’t the actor undergoing the change in the game world. Rather, I want the Line Trace, when it detects the switch actor/BP, to then route execution on to the gate actor/BP. It’s easy enough to make the gate work through targeting the gate actor directly and having an Interface Event set up as its executable, but I want the switch to be the target for sake of a realistic feel, naturally. How do I go about this? I believe my primary issue here is that I don’t know what I should be using for the executable on my gate BP such that it will receive the activation passed on from the switch’s BP, though there could be something else I’m missing too. Will continue trying to sort this out on my own but if anybody else has run into this and knows what to do it’d be a great help. Thanks for the time.

Never mind. Made a custom event the executable for the gate’s BP, then off the variable in the switch BP that references the gate BP, I made a Call Function to that custom event. The variable referencing the gate BP was already exposed for public editing in the world view and I had gotten the specific gate BP instance in the world assigned for the direct BP communication by that switch BP, so that was never an issue. So altogether, that did the trick.