How to use Instigator/damage causer from Event AnyDamage

Hey folks, So I hope Im just doing something stupid here but Im having a hard time getting the actor causing the damage from Event AnyDamage. So a little background - Im spawning the projectile from my third person character (Im using the paragon characters that already have the gun included in the mesh so thats why Im not using a separate actor component for the gun). In my AI character Im using an event dispatcher to notify the AI controller when the pawn has taken damage which then tells the behavior tree to do whatever. So both Damage Causer and Instigated by should be the same thing - my third person character. As you can see in the AI character Im trying to create a debug sphere at the location of the Instigator/damage causer but nothing gets drawn and when I try to tell the AI character to move to that location he just goes to (0,0,0) so both of these are giving me a null. What the heck am I doing wrong here ? – (actually I guess damage causer would be the projectile itself, but even so, instigator should be third person character and Ive tried both)

Ive tried this - but got the same result. Do I need to cast to the third person character bp as well ?