How to use InstancedStaticMesh by Matrix

Hello everyone.
I added an instantiated static mesh component to the blueprint.I have a matrix, which is obtained by first rotating around the z axis, rotating on the x axis, and finally rotating on the y axis. I have a static mesh, and there are a lot of the above mentioned matrices.Therefore, I want to use instantiated static mesh rendering.However, I don’t know how to pass in the parameter of the rotating body in the blueprint. Below is the process I wrote, although it is incorrect.I am new to UE4, is there any other way to achieve this? Or where did I write it wrong ?

This is the matrix I built.

Xplane is the first row corresponding to the matrix I am looking for.

XPlane.x=roatee[0][0] XPlane.y=roatee[0][1] XPlane.z=roatee[0][2] XPlane.w=0
YPlane.x=roatee[1][0] YPlane.y=roatee[1][1] YPlane.z=roatee[1][2] YPlane.w=0
ZPlane.x=roatee[2][0] ZPlane.y=roatee[2][1] ZPlane.z=roatee[2][2] YPlane.w=0

WPlane.x=roatee[3][0] WPlane.y=roatee[3][1] WPlane.z=roatee[3][2] WPlane.w=1

The matrix is a row matrix and only has rotation.Then I used the blueprint interface to inversely calculate the rotating body.The end result, the sad thing is that the orientation of the static mesh is wrong.

Thank you all for your help.