How to use Infinity Blade assets?

Hi! I downloaded it but could someone advice me how to use it in my projects? Thank you.

Those assets are an awesome gift to us. Though they were made for mobile platforms. They still look good enough for desktop or console. You can migrate any of the assets to your own project and modify to your needs as long as it stays in the unreal engine.

Sorry, I am kind of new to this, do not know anything… How do I open the folder with Unreal?

It’s ok. Everyone starts somewhere. Happy to help. In your library vault it gives you to option to create project. You must have 4.9 installed. It will take a little bit for the project to be created. Once created in your projects section just above the vault you double click on it and it will load. and it will take some time. Maybe 20-30 min depending on your hardware. It is a massive complex level so if it looks like its stuck on like 90-95% for a long time, dont close it. It’s normal. Enjoy!
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The option to create projects with the Infinity Blade assets isn’t available, only “add to project”.

I answered almost exactly this question in the forums: