How to use huge textures on terrain.

I have a huge 20000x20000 texture (satellite image) that i want to use on terrain. Is it possible to split it into multiple images and texture it on different tiles of the terrain? A direction in the workflow will certainly help. Thanks


Have you see this method : How To Make A Massive Open World Map In Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube ?

The guy in the video used World Machine to generate his textures, but with software like Photoshop or Houdini you can split your initial texture into pieces of something like 2000*2000 and then import them as different layers using the technique shown in the video.

Yes and no.

No, in the sense that the engine supports 8k max unless you edit it’s core settings. And either way you loose performance by loading a large image in memory.

And yes, in the sense that you can cut up times that match landscape tiles and use the satellite image as the landscape.

The quality however is generally very poor.

To cut the image into sections you need to script something up. Probably ImageMagic is your best bet at that.
NIP2 (gogole it) can do some of it, but you will need to manually rename the slices.
You can probably also photoshop slices. Since 20k by 20k isn’t that many slices depending on your pixel per meter ratio.

after you have the slices - do use a power of 2 value.
​you can load them up in engine, and pop them into a material.
Change their settings from wrap to clip. Since these won’t tile.
And you can start distributing them around the landscape.

Your UV will always be from 0 to 1. So you need your pixel to meter ratio again.
Work out the placement of each tile based on it, and manually offset the image UV accordingly.
you also need to subtract half the image width/height in UV measure from the position you want to get the top right corner btw. I tend to forget to do that.

the result is a tileda satellite image shown across the current landscape.

If you are using world tiling the process would be different / almost pointless because the resolution is so low that I have never been able to use it as anything more than reference to repaint layers.
the maps use a 1px per meter distribution by default. Sat image is usually around 30 or 60m per pixel, so what you see up close is basically the same pixel for 60 meters around you in a near worse case scenario.

Thanks for the link I will check this method and see if it can work.

Thanks, I will try this method now and see if it gives desired result.
So far i tried using TerraSculptor, i generated the terrain heightmap tiles and texture tiles in it and imported in UE using world composition. but i am getting seams at the tiles’ boundaries and cannot get rid of them.

Look at virtual texture. Also your texture must be a power of 2 in-engine for every texture, not for virtual texture, just flat out any texture (Except for no mipmap sprites and UI icons).

the landscape seam problem is not going away, i tried 4096x4096 texture, even they produce a seam.

You are either not using a recommended tile size during creation, or you added tessellation (world position offset) incorrectly (and for no reason at that distance?)