How to use HDRI in UE4 4.20

How to create a material to control the hdr and how to use an hdr to illuminate in UE4 4.20 (GPU lightmass)


It is a skysphere and a post-process volume.

Thanks man, this explains a lot of what I was wondering how to do it
Good job!

Simple and effective, I like it.
Got some small problems using .exr instead of .hdri, but finally convert it in PS to .hdri and all was fine.

I am having some problems with HDRI. Following this tutorial and getting this king of error lighting:




SM5 coercion failed material float3 local4 =(Local1/Local3​​​​​​)
float3 -> float2

Got same error, did you manage to solve it?

Because the texture’s format is NOT a Texture Cube.
Import .HDR file could solve this issue