How to use HDR output

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I’ve been posting to the forum about my efforts to get HDR output working (Rec.2020 & HDR - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums)

I have an LG OLED E6 connected to a GTX 1080 under Windows 10. It’s connected via HDMI 2.0 only (single display)

I was able to get HITMAN running with HDR support via enabling Deep Color in the TV and this unlocks RGB, 420 and 444 options in the NVIDIA control panel. Under the same configuration I tried running my test project with the -dx11 and -fullscreen flags as well as the resolution parameters to get 3840x2160 in case that was critical.

Once in the game I ran the cvar r.hdr.enablehdroutput 1 command but it makes the image “washed out” but nothing else - the TV isn’t sent the meta data to do any processing (like Hitman does)

Is there any more information available to help me work out this functionality ? The release notes were brief, but I think I have configured what may be necessary. I understand this is experimental so if it only works on a Samsung etc then that’s fine but there’s no documentation/talk about it so I’m asking directly.

Also - are we operating inside of any wider colour gamut by any chance ? Rec.2020 maybe ?

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Matt Hermans

Here’s the scoop I worked out by reading the code.

r.FullScreenMode 0

r.HDR.EnableHDROutput 1

r.HDR.Display.OutputDevice 5

start with -fullscreen on the command line parameters.

You may or may not need your TV in YCbCr420 mode. It theoretically shouldn’t require it, but it might.

Thanks Zelex !!

I’ll give that a go and let you know!

Matt Hermans